Dr. R Michael Roe
William Neal Reynolds Professor
Department of  Entomology

Phone: 919-515-4325


Hi Shih-Ying,

I am a graduate student in Michael Roe's lab and will be working with you this summer while you are here visiting.  We are interested in the fate of nucleic acids in insect hemolymph.   We will be adding plasmid DNA to different concentrations of hemolymph from several different caterpillars and using real-time PCR to quantify the amount of plasmid in the hemolymph after a 15 minute incubation.  We have found in previous studies that it is difficult to recover DNA from hemolymph and are trying to determine if an enzyme is degrading the DNA or if DNA is bound by a protein.  Afterwards we will work together to prepare a presentation using powerpoint.  Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting you.

Brooke Witting
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